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The IT needs of Charities

We understand the needs of charities better than most companies. When founding TI Group and back in 2006, the 2 founding directors had a clear aim to ensure that alongside their corporate goals they maintained a strong charity focus. The clear intention to help promote charitable aims and projects has remained a central tenet of the companies growth.

Today we work with charities across the United Kingdom in all areas of charitable need. To ensure that we offer the best possible service that we can , our approach is 2 fold.

Firstly we provide the best discounted pricing that we can achieve directly to the charity on whatever hardware they need.

Secondly we work closely with a partner charity based IT consultancy whose sole purpose is to provide highly cost effective technical and strategic resources to charities that would otherwise not be able to afford this type of resource. This agency is a separate company that we partner with to provide these services.

We know how vulnerable some charities can feel, especially when they are starting out, and the operational costs of running the charity can consume most of the funding leaving little to support the technological needs of the charity. This is where we can work with the charity to provide guidance and discounted pricing.

For any queries regarding charity pricing, call and talk to our charity team.