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New Visitor

Firstly welcome, we are glad you decided to stop by and visit us. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for all our customers and one that means you get the products that you want at fantastic prices and with a simple and secure mechanism for payment and delivery. The following steps will guide you through the basics of our site, and make it a richer experience. 

Step 1: Creating an account

As a new visitor to the site, we always suggest that you take a few moments to create a free customer account with us, we only require simple details such as name, email and postal address and you can find the correct tab at the top of the page. Here you will find the New Customer Signup Form.

We think that this is a great starting point for you as it allows you to save any products that catch your attention into a wishlist, while you surf our site. Saving products into a wishlist allows you to research your choices and use our technical team / live chat service to answer any queries that you might have before you make the decision to buy. We believe that if you spend the extra time researching, it will mean that you buy a product that suits you and will last longer as a result. invests time, money and energy to ensure that we have a technical team that are qualified and a live chat service which provides our visitors and customers with a premium level of advice and pre-sales support. We want all our customers to be delighted with their purchases. 

Quote Requests - If you wish to purchase a quantity of a product or you find that you can buy it cheaper, you can also send us a quote request from within your logged in account. One of our team will respond quickly to your quote request and you can be sure we will try our best to discount where possible.

Step 2: Browsing the site

We are continually working to make sure that the site is easy to navigate and provides easy search functionality. When looking for products you have the menu structure, keyword search bar and also the live chat service which can assist you quickly finding what you need.

You can also email us [email protected] with part number requests or for pre-sales support and questions.   

Step 3: Payment Options

As a customer with we provide you with several secure and simple ways of making your purchases. Firstly, you place your products into your cart and head to the checkout. At the checkout you have several methods to securely pay.   


A secure method of payment is PayPal, and you can access this method by choosing your products and going to the shopping cart. The Sagepay payment gateway is where your transaction is handled by a highly secure payment procedure that validates your payment information and allows you to choose to pay with PayPal. Once complete you will receive confirmation emails from PayPal and and we will begin to process your order. PayPal is a highly secure form of online payment used by millions of consumers and businesses worldwide. 


Debit and Credit Cards

In the same way as the PayPal method, you will get the option to choose one of several card types that we accept. Although, credit and debit cards are a secure method of online payment, we suggest that you always use them with extra caution in mind. To ensure the highest level of security for our customers, all our payment pages are SSL 256 Bit encrypted and you will see the padlock icon at the top or bottom off your browser depending on which browser you use. We have noted that in some instances Chrome browser can display SSL errors, and we suggest switching to Firefox or Internet Explorer if Chrome presents you with an issue. We accept the following types of cards, 


Step 4: Deliveries and Documentation

To enhance the customer experience, our store is setup to display only those items that are in stock on that day. This ensures that if a customer places an order we will have stock and be able to ship out the same day. The customer can then expect delivery on the following business day.

Please make sure that you take the few minutes required to set up a customer account online with us, this will give you access to order and invoice information 24/7. You can also download pdf copies of invoices which may be required for vendor promotions and cash back offers.