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Special Pricing at

For customers looking to purchase in bulk, or for companies that need to deploy large numbers of desktops, notebooks or servers we have a team that helps you manage the process end to end.


Each manufacturer has a process in place to ensure that pricing can be adjusted in situations where a customer is purchasing a quantity of any product. Although this process varies across the different manufacturers, we are highly experienced in working with each of them. So we will make sure that we handle each request for quantity purchases in the customers best interest, leveraging the best possible discounts at any given time. We work transparently and you will always be told exactly what discount has been achieved. This transparency allows us to work closer with all our clients.

We achieve fantastic discounts on desktops, notebooks, workstations, servers and networking. This is one of the reasons we are chosen as a preferred and often sole supplier to banks, international corporates and charity clients.


Rolling out a quantity of computer devices can be a huge headache. There are many factors to consider beyond just the purchasing process. Discuss your needs with us today, and our team can guide you in the best way to manage the process.

  • We can advise in the choice of hardware, to ensure that you choose hardware that has a lifecycle that is long enough to support your deployment in the case of larger deployments.

  • We can offer holding facilities to ensure that your hardware arrives when your team is ready to deploy it to end users.

  • We can offer desktop imaging facilities with an image created by our team or yours.

  • We can provide engineering resources to allow you to deploy to desktop in offices around the UK and abroad.

  • We can source consultants with the skills needed to bridge gaps in your IT Team for short term or long term assignments. These consultants can be from our internal technical team or through our network of preferred recruiters.

After Sales

Once you have purchased your hardware, we do not just vanish. It is in our best interest that you are delighted with your purchase. We will check that the hardware fulfills the initial needs, and if appropriate suggest other items which might help you to leverage a better return on investment, such as warranty upgrades or cover policies. We pride ourselves in fantastic customer service, and strive daily to achieve it.