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Why do you need them

HP care pack services are the optional contract and flexible service packs that are available for all HP products They can be purchased for desktops, notebooks, servers, printers and storage equipment. There is a HP care pack for almost all HP products.

When can you buy them

If you are dealing with a reputable value added reseller, they should make you aware of the huge benefits of purchasing your HP care pack support at the same time as your hardware purchase. This is the point at which you get the best return on investment for your support care pack purchase.

What kinds of services are available

There are 2 types of HP support care packs, one is to extend the support that you have on your product , and the other is to uplift the support you have on your product. Within these 2 categories there are multiple further options to suit your business needs.

Extend Support

This is used to extend the level of warranty cover beyond the normal warranty offered with your product. So if you have a notebook with 1 year warranty , you may purchase a 3 year care pack which covers you for 3 years. This type of warranty cover simply extends your support coverage.

Uplift Support

This type of support care pack is used to uplift the level of support that your product is shipped with. For example, your laptop may have a standard return to base warranty, and this type of care pack would be used to uplift that to engineer onsite support.

Some examples of the various types of support pack available

  • HP 3 Year Next business day w/DMR ProLiant

  • 6-Hour Call-to-Repair

  • 4-Hour 24x7 Same Day/

  • 4-Hour Same Business Day

  • Accidental Damage Protection

  • Next Business Day

  • Next Business Day Support for Travellers

  • Next Business Day Exchange

  • Return Service

  • Pick-Up & Return

  • Maintenance Kit Replacement

How do they protect your investment

Whatever your specific needs, the comprehensive range of HP care pack services offered by HP is the perfect compliment to your business. Care packs will increase the ROI of all your hardware purchases , ensuring that you get every penny of usage out of the products you buy. They will also ensure that you increase the uptime you offer your business internally.

What do we offer

As an HP authorised partner we are experienced in the sale of all HP care pack services. We work closely with HP to make sure that service packs are offered appropriately to all our customers. We can check the warranty that exists on your products and what support options you have available as a result. We also work with many customers that have already purchased the hardware and the services have been missed out for many reasons. We are able to work closely with you and HP if needed to create a coverage plan to support all your hardware.

Why buy from us

We sell at highly competitive prices which makes us the first choice for government organisations as well as large corporates. So whether you are a small business looking to buy support for 1 desktop, or an enterprise company looking to extend support on 500 desktops, we can help.

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